Yesterday, Today


     Yesterday wrapped itself in a soft, whispering snowfall. The gift came in shades of gray, graduating to white. Red and blue wings of bright color splashed here and there at the bird feeder. A day like that, when parents and kids, wearing flannel, can hole up together in a warm house, sipping hot chocolate, and snuggling together on the bed watching movies is rare. The cat, curled and asleep, owned a corner of the quilt. The phone didn’t even ring.

     This morning, the sun is back and the sky is cloudless blue. Ice sickles drip from the eaves of the house, and the plow makes scraping sounds on the gravel driveway. Boots scuff and stamp on the porch. The cat tip toes out, walking gingerly around the edges of sparkling powder, hoping to keep his feet dry. He jumps at the sound of the shovel on the walk. Stretching out long, he glides silver around the corner of the house. Birds flutter and chirp.

Life returns to normal.


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One Response to “Yesterday, Today”

  1. Gaboo Says:

    Really nice photography, the blue jars and the icicles would look great on a 3 foot framed print.

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