About Train Whistle

I am a Virginia writer and hobby-photographer. I also work with, and champion for elders. Most of my free time is spent writing. Thanks for visiting and please leave comments.

40 Responses to “About Train Whistle”

  1. Kim Says:

    You are too amazing–now a blog! Thanks for sharing

  2. Rita Says:

    Way to go, Train! I will look forward to reading whatever you write . . . and getting a bit acquainted with the world of the blog. Happy new Year!

  3. shattering Says:

    Beautiful as always, Mrs. Whistle. Love your blog and I don’t think I ever told you, so congratulations on your award.

  4. OldMack Says:

    Trainwhistle, you’ve got well-polished stories here. Tone is a tad sterile, academic and oh so reasonable. Let something hang out now and then, the way people are and how they talk.

    Computer repair shops are more fun to browse than pawn shops, and there’s little or no emotional baggage attached to whatever bargains one finds in them—I bought a wedding ring set from a pawn shop, took ‘em home and mother said: “I don’t want those back. You keep ‘em. . . Just in case.” “Is the white stuff silver?” I asked. “Are you kidding? That’s Platinum.” “Why’d you pawn them?” “Roy wrote a bogus check to buy them and I wound up working doubles to pick up his paper to keep him from being violated on his parole.” (My wife has been wearing the wedding band for 37 years but has never heard the story behind it; don’t blow my cover, TW).

    My wife, in a rage over the time I spend at my computer, came in with a large pair of pruning shears and began chopping cables. Power cable? Snip. Coaxial cable? Crunch. I barely got my monitor disconnected when she crawled under my desk with her shears. I yanked the keyboard, mouse, sound and power cords, grabbed that big box and ran out to my car.

    I drove to Lacey’s shop. “Sell me another 80 gig hard drive, Lacey. Ghost all the stuff on the drive in this box to the new HD. I’ll pick up the stuff tomorrow. Okay?”

    “What in the world’s going on, Mack?”

    “My wife in her Wyldwumon mode is destroying my office. There’s too much unedited stuff on this drive.”

    A few days later I surveyed the damage she’d done with her shears. Nothing more was hacked than a couple of Ethernet cables and the end of a coax. After crimping a new fitting on the cable and replacing the patch cables linking the router, modem and computers all was working fine again.

    So, after having breakfast at Suzy Q’s near Lacey’s shop I went in and asked him for suggestions for using that extra hard drive which he’s been stashing for me.

    Lacey dug a box from a shelf and produced external hard drive housing. “You got a spare USB connector?” Lacey asked.

    “No, but I’ve got a slot available and a set of pins on the mother board.”

    Lacey handed me a dual USB interface with 12 inches of cable and fitting attached. “That ought to reach the header pins on your mother board, Mack.”

    “I’ll install this and then bring in the box so you can set up the external drive. I also need some instruction on dual booting, Lacey. It’s been years since I messed with this stuff and my memory is self deleting at a progressively rapid rate.”

  5. Gaboo Says:

    Hi t,
    Forum go sad 😦 Yeah we ran into some probs with one of those video game types who wanted to fiddle with our wiring. Email me for updates.

    treating life as a newbie

  6. allthingsboys Says:

    Hi! I’ve nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award!

    • train-whistle Says:

      Hey, many thanks! This is exciting. I’ve gone to the VBA blog and gotten myself educated to the way it works. I’ve added your blog to my blogroll. I really do enjoy your posts, especially having allthingsboys at my house as well, including the cat I might add!

  7. OldMack Says:

    I second that nomination!

  8. OldMack Says:

    “Every little bit helps. . .” Thanks Margaret-Dawn.

  9. Rita Says:

    Hey, Train’s Whistle . . . Congratulations on your VBA nomination! I’ve been missing your blogs. Glad to know you’re still at it. Rita

  10. planthoarder Says:

    Very nice storytelling.

  11. An Award? | societyred Says:

    […] Train Whistle – What great writing! Her stories are personal and uplifting. She has great photos too! […]

  12. societyred Says:

    I’ve nominated you for the One Lovely Blog Award! Thank you for your great work!

  13. OldMack Says:

    Thank you Train-whistle. My ego needs a boost; I lost four out of the last six games of Solitaire, and haven’t posted a new tale since January!

  14. allthingsboys Says:

    Congratulations! I’ve awarded you the Blog of the Year Award 2012! Check it out here: http://allthingsboys.wordpress.com/2012/12/15/second-star-from-the-right/

  15. lingeringvisions Says:

    Are these stories from your life or works of fiction?

  16. rich Says:

    i’m thinking of submitting a short story to a philadelphia magazine contest. which do you think might be the strongest?

    the accident – dead guy not really dead
    the sweeper – custodian creates universe
    white cotton – male escort
    better days – grandfather meets death in an old house
    the bus stop – single mom tries blackmail

    thanks a bunch

    • train-whistle Says:

      I’ll give them all a read and let you know which one I like best. Thanks for including me on the read list. –tw

      • rich Says:

        i would be an idiot not to include you.

      • train-whistle Says:

        I am humbled. Thank you. 3 down, 2 to go. Plan to read those tomorrow night.

      • rich Says:

        oh, i’m sorry. i had the mistaken impression that you had already read them all. i didn’t mean to obligate you to have to search and go back for them. but thank you greatly for doing so.

      • train-whistle Says:

        well worth the search. I’m enjoying the reading experience. Kudos to you and your entertainment value! 🙂

      • Rita Seale Says:

        Hey, Madam Whistle. . . I’m still ‘digging out’ from being away two weeks. I very much look forward to reading your writings. Submit what you think best. . . and Bestest Luck. . . Rita P.S. Do you know what’s the readership of the magazine you’re interested in? Date: Tue, 26 Mar 2013 02:53:45 +0000 To: rrseale@webtv.net

      • train-whistle Says:

        Thank you Rita. Currently am thinking of the Streetlight Literary Mag at UVA. My friend Rich is getting 5 of his stories ready to submit to a mag in Philadelphia.

  17. Ron McKinney aka "OldMack" Says:

    M.D., I finally posted something new at http://oldmackstales.com

  18. Ron McKinney aka "OldMack" Says:

    Correction: http://oldmackstales.wordpress.com. That old blog is a blank slate.

  19. Curly Says:

    Hey Train! Not seeing new work from you… Busy? Have a watercolor I want to send to you. Are you still at the same addy?


    • train-whistle Says:

      Hey Curly! So good to hear from you. I’ve been off the map lately. Bruce had a massive heart attack on Dec. 19th and it’s thrown my world into a spin. We’re getting back on track now and he’s recovering well, it just takes time and he is one of those live to work people. I can’t wait to see the watercolor. I love Doris’ work. Same address as before. I’m so excited to see it. xxxooo to you and Doris.

  20. Curly Says:

    Train, it is good to hear that Bruce is recovering. He has good care, I know. And he’ll be doing things, he won’t lack for work, I’m sure. Suggest he fish more. Play with the boat. Take his girl with him.

    O gosh, I’ve not been keeping up.

    Doris broke her leg & ankle a couple months ago, & is now barely getting around on crutches, so I know, somewhat, what happens to a writer’s world — not a lot of writing going down as the real-life events play out. Not even getting through edits to my short story collection. Did get a short story accepted to the Pulp Fly anthology coming out this year, & that’s a good one, so I’m stoked about that.

    And I see some of your work in broader publication as well!

    Better things coming to you & Bruce.

    We’ll send that picture off to you.

    • train-whistle Says:

      Curly and Doris,
      I received the amazingly beautiful painting in the mail today and it took my breath away. Doris, you captured my mountains perfectly in both of the pictures. I am so tickled. Please let me know how much I owe you because I do want to pay you for them. I cannot wait to hang them in my renovated buggy shed. I hope you are getting along better from your accident. I know it’s slow going when something like that happens. Again, I just cannot get over how beautiful these pieces you painted are. You are a very talented woman (who is married to a very talented man). With love to you both, Margaret-Dawn

  21. Curly Says:

    Hi Margaret Dawn, I am so pleased you like the painting(s). And so glad I got the mountains right. Maybe some day I will be able to experience your area. Seeing this whole country first hand has always been a dream of mine. Thank you for the kind words and yes, I am blessed to be married to a very talented man!
    This injury has been quite a process…interestingly it was in the for-cast that I needed to slow down this year, and of course, I wouldn’t have done that on my own. Now that it’s been awhile, I am beginning to see some of the silver linings…
    So I’m thinking 100$ is a fair price for the work. And I hope you get lots of enjoyment from them.
    Love, Doris

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