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On That Day

September 11, 2011


On that day ten years ago, I turned the corner from one unit in the nursing home to another. The television was mounted on the wall in the corner of a lounge area, next to a window displaying a clear blue sky. Matt Lauer and Katie Couric were discussing an accident that happened in New York, smoke billowed from one of the twin towers in the background behind the commentators.

I stopped in the hallway, stood watching and listening, wondering what caused the smoke.  I don’t know whether I watched the second plane crash into the north tower, I don’t remember, but I was standing in that same spot when it happened.

Time changes when events like that occur in our lives. It doesn’t happen in ticks of the clock anymore.
People gathered in elder’s rooms, in front of every television and watched those two planes fly into the buildings over and over again. As the buildings fell, I remember hands drawn to mouths open with horror. I remember tears and the panic that comes with fear.

When the plane hit the pentagon, I wanted nothing more than to find my children, gather them to me and go home where it was safe.