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Winner – Gold Medal!

May 30, 2010

A special update on Train’s short story… The Couple

Cat Oars publisher, Francais, has recently announced top nod in the themed literary project, Jung Love:

Gold Medal: Train Whistle, for the great story about the elderly couple who have melded to the point where they dress alike, complete each others’ sentences and rely on each other completely – until …

Silver Medal: Cufflink, for his lyrical portrait of a lonely man in a lonely place whose dream of love finally comes true – but is he up to sustaining it?

Plus another great rant from Laiadevorah and another epic adventure in the Kurt series by R_Toady.

Thanks for contributing! Happy summer reading everybody!

The Couple is currently available in its original form on CL Literary Forum here, and is featured in the CL Litfo Chap Book, Syzygy.  It is available through  Here’s the link:
Train is so wonderfully modest, her friends jumped in to make this post. We’re hoping she will make the story available on her blog in the near future. Do check back. Congratulations, Train!